Heidelberg CD 74-4P L-C (2007)

Ref. # D1143

BandAge: 2007

BandMax.Size: 74 x 53 cm (29 x 20 inch)

BandColors: 4

BandCounter: 58 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Machine is in Excellent condition. Great machine for commercial and packaging.


Heidelberg CD 74-4P L-C, Year 2007
53x74 - 4 Colors Coating Tower with Anilox "Chambered Doctor Blade"
Equipped with :
BandCP 2000 with with MasterLevel
BandAutoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change)
BandPreset (Paper Size Setting)
BandAll Automatic Washers Devices : Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
BandAlcolor-Vario Dampening
BandTechnotrans HydroStar Beta-d 40L Central Refrigeration
BandSuction Tape Feeder
BandElectronic Double Sheet & Sidelay Detector
BandChromed Impression Cylinders
BandVenturi (Air Transfer System)
BandBacher Pin Register
BandPerfector 4/0 - 2/2
BandHigh Pile Delivery (X0)
BandSteel Plate in Feeder and Delivery
BandSheet Decurler
BandIR Dryer Heidelberg DryStar
BandPowderStar Weko
BandAirStar [Central Air Supply Cabinet]
BandScrollStar [Compressor with High Performance Reserve]
BandIncluding Tools, Manuals and Accessories

This machine has been SOLD

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