KBA Rapida 106-4 T 4 SW4 APC SIS HR-UV (Hybrid) (2014)

Ref. # D5578

BandAge: 2014

BandMax.Size: 106 x 76 cm (41 x 29 inch)

BandColors: 8

BandCounter: 162 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Full options 8 Colors KBA machines with HR-UV, Hybrid


KBA Rapida 106-4 T 4 SW4 APC HR-UV (Hybrid)
Year 2014
75x106 - 8 Colors - ca 162 mio impressions
Equipped with:
BandKBA ErgoTronic
BandKBA Wallscreen
BandKBA QualiTronic and ColorControl (Inline colour measuring system)
BandKBA ACR Control (Automatic Camera Register adjustment)
BandKBA Densitronic-S (Densitometric and photometric measuring system)
BandSPC (Simultaneous plate change)
BandAutomatic Washers Baldwin CleanLiner: Inking Rollers, Clean Tronic Synchro for Blanket / Impressions Cylinders
BandVariDamp-Vario Dampening
BandCentral Refrigeration Technotrans Beta-c 280 G
BandTechnotrans Alcosmart AZR
BandFiltration System Technotrans Beta-f
BandSuction Tape Feeder KBA DriveTronic with SIS
BandAir Preset
BandMultiple-sheet detector (Ultrasonic, Capacitive)
BandInk Temperature Control
BandThrow-Off system for printing units
BandVenturi (Air Transfer System)
BandChromed Impression Cylinders
BandPerfector 9/0 - 5/4 Automatic via Console ErgoTronic
BandHigh Pile Delivery
BandSteel Plate in Feeder and Delivery
BandStatic Eliminator
BandDryer HR-UV with 2 Lamps
BandPowder Sprays Grafix PowderMax
BandPowder Extractor Grafix P-ABS
BandAir cabinet Becker with the machine
BandPneumatic compressors 2x Kaeser AirCenter SX6
BandWater cooled with Technotrans Beta.ps (No chiller)

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