Heidelberg XL 106-4 LX2 (18K) (2016)

Ref. # D6500

BandAge: 2016

BandMax.Size: 106 x 75 cm (41 x 29 inch)

BandColors: 4

BandCounter: 119 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Great machine with Full options, under Heidelberg maintenance contract and in Excellent condition


Heidelberg XL 106-4 LX2 (18K), Year 2016
75x106, 4 Colors, Coating Tower, Extended Delivery X2
Speed: 18000 sheets/hour
Counter: ca 117 mio impressions
Equipped with:
BandPrinect Press Center
With: MasterLevel, InstantGate, Wallscreen Application, Color Assistant Pro, Netprofiler, DryStar Advanced
BandPrinect Wallscreen
BandPrinect Inpress Control
BandAutoplate PRO
BandFeeder Preset PLUS
BandAll Automatic Washers Devices: Blanket, Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
BandWashStar (Self-Cleaning Washup Device)
BandAlcolor-Vario Dampening
BandTechnotrans CombiStar Beta-c 170 L Central Refrigeration
BandTechnotrans Alcosmart AZR
BandHeidelberg FilterStar Compact
BandElectronic Double Sheet & Side lay Detector
BandUltrasonic Double Sheet Detector
BandInk Temperature Control
BandVenturi (Air Transfer System)
BandChromed Cylinders
BandExtended Delivery X2 with Preset PLUS
BandIR Dryer Heidelberg DryStar Combination
BandPowderStar Weko AP-500
BandCleanStar (Powder Extraction System)
BandCoating Tower Tresu with "Chambered Doctor Blade" and Anilox Cylinder
BandVarnish Supply Unit LVG-550E
BandAirStar (Central Air Supply Cabinet)
BandScrollStar (Compressor with High Performance Reserve)
BandIncluding Tools, Manuals and Accessories

Machine is in Excellent condition, very good maintained and under Heidelberg maintenance contract "Full Service"
Offered as owner

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Or Call: +33 (0) 4 77 92 77 88


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