Ryobi 524 GX NP (2013)

Ref. # D6606

BandAge: 2013

BandMax.Size: 52 x 36 cm (20 x 14 inch)

BandColors: 4

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Great Machine! Complete, Full options, good maintained and in good Condition


RYOBI 524 GX NP, Year 2013
36,5x52, 4 Colors, ca 76 mio impressions
Speed maxi 15000 sph
Paper Thickness: 0,04 - 0,6 mm
Equipped with:
BandConsole PCS-H (Printing Control System)
BandRyobi PDS-E (Densitometer)
BandServer Station CIP4, IVS (Ink Volume Setter)
BandSemi-RPC (Semi-Automatic Plate Changer)
BandCocking Register
BandAutomatic Inking Roller Washers
BandAutomatic Blanket Washers
BandRyobimatic Dampening
BandTechnotrans Alpha-d Refrigeration System
BandFeeder with Suction-belt feed table
BandDouble Sheet & Side lay Detector
BandChromed Cylinders
BandBacher Pin Register
BandLow Pile delivery
BandPowder Sprays Grafix Digital
BandNumbering and Perforating Unit Ryobi NP52
BandStrip inserter in delivery
BandTools, Manuals, Transformer and Accessories
BandRollers had been change in 2019

This machine has been SOLD

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