Heidelberg CD 102-5 LX2 PRESET PLUS (2004)

Ref. # D1220

BandAge: 2004

BandMax.Size: 102 x 72 cm (40 x 28 inch)

BandColors: 5

BandCounter: 144 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Machine is Complete with Preset PLUS on Feeder and Delivery


Heidelberg CD 102-5 LX, Year 2004
72x102 - 5 Colors - caBand144 mio impressions
Equipped with :
BandSpeed 15.000 feuilles/heure
BandCP2000 [MasterLevel, PresetLink, MangementGate, MemoryPlus]
BandAutoplate (Semi-Automatic Plate Change)
BandFeeder & Delivery Preset PLUS
BandCocking Register
BandAll Automatic Washers Devices : Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
BandPre-connected to CIP3
BandAlcolor-Vario Dampening
BandTechnotrans CombiStar Beta-c 200 L Central refrigeration
BandTechnotrans Alcosmart AZR
BandFiltration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta.f
BandSuction Tape Feeder
BandUltrasonic Double Sheet Detector
BandInk Temperature Control
BandAll Chromed Cylinders (Impression, Blanket and Plate)
BandBacher Pin Register
BandExtended Delivery Preset PLUS
BandSheet Decurler
BandSteel Plate in Feeder and Delivery
BandStatic Eliminator
BandIR Dryer Heidelberg DryStar 3000 Combination
BandPowderStar DuoPlus XL CAN
BandCoating Tower Tresu with "Chambered Doctor Blade"
BandVarnish Supply Unit
BandAirStar [Central Air Supply Cabinet]
BandScrollStar [Compressor with High Performance Reserve]
BandPlate Punch and Bender
BandIncluding Tools, Manuals and Accessories
BandVenturi (Air Transfer System)

This machine has been SOLD

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