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Regarding our rich experience for 28 years, we have built a large network of suppliers and customers-partners in France and around the world.

We put forward all our Know-how, our Ethics and our Means to build a good and long cooperation for our mutual success and full satisfaction.


By our perfect knowledge of the market, we purchase our 2nd hand printing machines, mainly in France, from our large and good network of printers.

We buy the quality machines for stock after inspection, which allows us a quick decision and to our suppliers a guarantee of commitment and a security in their projects of renewal and/or restructuring.

Our technical process (report, photos / videos) and logistical know-how with our excellent and loyal service engineers, allows us to bring our customers around the world unparalleled confidence in decision-making:

BalisteInspection/Test of machines, Checklist,
   Disassembly, Identification and crating of accessories

BalisteSpray with antirust product to avoid any corrosion during shipping

BalistePacking on pallets with film, securing with belts / treated wood NIMP15 and stowage into containers / trucks

BalisteLoading (trucks or containers) to our customer’s warehouse or our stores

BalisteA rich photo / video report are always sent live to our customers for the entire process.

With more than 90% of our turnover are for export market across 115 countries to date, ACS Team have a perfect experience of the International Trade process (Countries and their usages, Import process, Regulations, Economic and financial data as well as the logistics) and the expectations of our customers.

Our motto "Total Satisfaction" is our mutual win-win partnership.


Truck machine loading

Inspection, Test and purchase 2nd-hand printing machine(s) that we always offer as owners

Truck machine loading

Control, Test, Dismantling and all accessories packed on treated wooden-boxes NIMP15

Truck machine loading

Spray with antirust product, Packing and Securing on treated wooden-pallets NIMP15

Truck machine loading

Loading on truck(s) / container(s), Rigging and securing with belts / wood, Shipping

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