Komori LS 540P H (2008)

Ref. # D0409

BandAge: 2008

BandMax.Size: 103 x 72 cm (40 x 28 inch)

BandColors: 5

BandCounter: NC

BandAvailability: 01-2021

Important: Komori LS-540P (H model) with High Komori Specifications, including: PDC-S II, KHS-AI, AMR, FAPC, All Washers, Automatic Perfecting 5/0 - 2/3, ... Tested with high level of Productivity and Quality.


Komori LS-540P (H), Year 2008
72x103 - 5 Colors with Automatic Perfecting 5/0 or 2/3
Equipped with :
BandConsole PQC Komori (Print Quality Control)
BandPDC-S II (Print Density Control - Spectrodensitometer)
BandKMS IV (Komori Monitoring System)
BandKHS-AI (Advanced Interface) with Self-learning Function
BandAMR (Automatic Make Ready, Paper Size and Thickness Setting)
BandFAPC (Automatic and semi-Automatic Plate Mounting)
BandCocking Register
BandAll Automatic Washers: Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
BandPre-connected to CIP3
BandKomorimatic Dampening
BandTechnotrans Beta-c 170 L Central refrigeration with Technotrans Alcocontrol
BandSuction Tape Feeder with Automatic Pile adjustment
BandUltrasonic Double Sheet Detector
BandPneumatic Side lay and Front lay
BandThin paper : 0,04 ~ 0,6 mm
BandInk Temperature Control
BandInker/Dampener declutch (All printing units)
BandChromed Impression Cylinders
BandAutomatic Perfecting 5/0 - 2/3
BandSteel Plate in Feeder and Delivery
BandStatic Eliminator Eliminostat AT-10
BandPowder Sprays Grafix Twintronic 3000
BandAir cabinet with the machine
BandMachine Raised 300 mm

BandIncluding :
Plate Punch, Tools, Manuals and Accessories
CITO Perforation system
Non Stop feeder device (New, never installed)

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