KBA Rapida 74-2 LT 5 LTL ALV2 SW4 - CX UV-IR (2004)

Ref. # D5444

BandAge: 2004

BandMax.Size: 74 x 52 cm (29 x 20 inch)

BandColors: 7

BandCounter: 89 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Exceptional and rare machine for packaging


KBA Rapida 74-2 LT 5 LTL ALV2 SW4 - CX, Year 2004
CX model, UV/IR Dryers
52x74 - 7 Colors 3 Coating Towers - ca 89 Mio impressions
Machine configuration:
Feeder Non-Stop 2 Colors Coating Tower L1 UV Dryer Tower TM2
Automatic Perfector 2/7 (SW4)
5 Colors Coating Tower L2 UV Dryer Tower TM2 Coating Tower L3
Extended Delivery with Non-Stop
Equipped with:
BandKBA ErgoTronic
BandKBA Colortronic (Dampening / Inking adjustment)
BandKBA ACR Control (Automatic Camera Register adjustment)
BandPreset Feeder & Delivery (Automatic Paper Size and Thickness Setting)
BandS-APC (Semi-Automatic Plate Mounting)
BandCocking Register
BandAutomatic Inking Roller Washers Baldwin
BandAutomatic Blanket Washers Baldwin with "Wash & Print" system
BandAutomatic Impressions Cylinders Washers Baldwin
BandVariDamp Dampening
BandTechnotrans Beta-c 160 L Central Refrigeration with Alcosmart
BandFiltration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta-f
BandFeeder with Suction-belt feed table
BandUltrasonic Double Sheet Detector
BandCX Version - Cardboard Sheet Guide (0,06 ~ 0 8 mm)
BandInk Temperature Control
BandUV Ink Agitators
BandThrow-Off system for printing units
BandAutomatic Perfector 7/0 - 2/5 via Console ErgoTronic
BandExtended Delivery X2
BandKersten Static Eliminator
BandNon-Stop Feeder and Delivery
BandAir Clean System (ACS) on Delivery
BandUV/IR Dryer Eltosch, including:
- 2x Towers TM with IR/AC and UV Dryer Eltosch 740 IARK3/TL7/UV-UB
(each tower with 1 UV lamp 200 W/cm, 6 IR lamps and 7 hot-air knifes)
- 4x UV Dryer Interdeck 160 W/cm (can be installed between any printing units)
- 2x UV lamps 160 W/cm, 6 IR lamps and 7 hot-air knifes on the delivery
BandReflectors "White Cure" (for white color, ink or coater)
BandWeko AP-230 Powder Spray
Band3x Coating Towers with "Tresu Chambered Doctor Blade" and Anilox Cylinders
BandAutomatic Washer for Chambered Doctor Blade
BandPneumatics Fed by Factory (No Pump)
BandPIAB Vacuum & Blow System - PC Control
BandWater-cooled cabinets with Cabinet Technotrans Beta-ps and Chiller
BandMachine Raised 250 mm (steel studs)
BandIncluding Tools, Manuals and Accessories

This machine has been SOLD

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