Horizon Stitchliner 5500 (2010)

Ref. # D6334

BandAge: 2010

BandMax.Size: 50 x 35 cm (19 x 13 inch)

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Excellent Fully automatic Booklet System


Horizon Stitchliner 5500, Year 2010
Fully automatic Booklet System
Equipped with:
BandTower Horizon VAC-60Ha with Touch Monitor control (6 Bins)
BandTower Horizon VAC-60Hc with Touch Monitor control (6 Bins)
BandTower Horizon VAC-60Hm (6 Bins)
BandTower Horizon VAC-60Hm (6 Bins)
BandSub Accumulator Horizon SA-40
BandStacker Horizon ST-40
BandAccumulate-Folder Horizon ACF-30
BandSaddle Stitcher Horizon SPF-30S
BandPreset Kicker Horizon PK-30
BandTrimmer Horizon HTS-30S
BandCutting Waste Extractor Horizon TB-30
BandExtra Air Blower Horizon EAB-130 for thick paper
BandDevice with two-up booklet production
BandIncluding: manuals, tools et accessories

This machine has been SOLD

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