Komori GL 840P AAPC (H model) (2011)

Ref. # D5825

BandAge: 2011

BandMax.Size: 102 x 73 cm (40 x 28 inch)

BandColors: 8

BandCounter: 144 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Machine is Complete, Full automation, High level of maintenance and in Excellent Condition


Komori GL-840P AAPC (H model), Year 2011
73x102 - 8 Colors - ca 144 mio impressions
Equipped with:
BandPQC-S Komori (Print Quality Control)
BandPDC-SX (Color Control and Automatic Registration)
BandKHS-AI (Advanced Interface) with Self-learning Function
BandKMS IV (Komori Monitoring System)
BandAMR (Automatic Make Ready, Paper Size and Thickness Setting)
BandA-APC (Simultaneous plate change)
BandCocking Register
BandAll Automatic Washers: Blanket / Impressions Cylinders & Inking Rollers
BandPre-connected to CIP3
BandKomorimatic Dampening
BandTechnotrans Beta c 280 L Central refrigeration
BandTechnotrans Alcocontrol
BandSuction Tape Feeder with Pile Sideways Control
BandUltrasonic Double Sheet Detector
BandAir Side lay and Front lay Detector
BandAir Preset
BandInk Temperature Control
BandAnti-fan out regulation
BandInk oscillation roller phase remote control
BandChromed Impression Cylinders
BandThrow-Off system for printing units
BandPerfector 8/0 - 4/4 Full Automatic
BandHigh Pile Delivery
BandStatic Eliminator
BandWeko AP-272 Powder Spray
BandAir cabinet with the machine
BandSpeed 15 000 sheets per hour
BandMachine Raised 300 mm

Excellent Condition, High level of maintenance, several parts replaced by new ones:
Feeder suction belt (New), Belt delivery (New), Torsion bars (New), Inking/Dampening rollers (1 year), PerfectJacket (March 2020)

This machine has been SOLD

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