KBA Rapida 106-8 SW SPC SIS (2009)

Ref. # D5338

BandAge: 2009

BandMax.Size: 106 x 74 cm (41 x 29 inch)

BandColors: 8

BandCounter: 177 mio

BandAvailability: Immediately

Important: Machine is Complete, good maintained and in good Condition


KBA Rapida 106-8 SW SPC SIS
Year 2009
Sheet Size 74x106 cm, 8 Colors
Equipped with:
BandKBA ErgoTronic Console with CIPLink
BandKBA Colortronic, QualiTronic, Color Control
BandKBA Densitronic
BandKBA Monitoring control
BandPreset Feeder and Delivery
BandDriveTronic SPC (Simultaneous plate change)
BandAll Auto Washers Elletra (Inking, Plates, Blanket, Impression Cylinders)
BandVariDamp Dampening
BandTechnotrans Beta.c Central refrigeration
BandFiltration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta.f
BandFeeder with Suction-belt feed table DriveTronic
BandMultiple-sheet detector, Air Side lay and Front lay Detector
BandPile centering device
BandInk Temperature Control
BandThrow-Off system for Inking / Dampening at Units
BandVenturi Air Guide
BandChromed Impression Cylinders
BandAutomatic Perfector 8/0 - 4/4 via Console ErgoTronic
BandWeko AP-262 Powder Spray
BandHigh Pile delivery
BandAir cabinet Becker with the machine
BandIncluding Plate punch, Plate binder, Tools, Manuals and Accessories

This machine has been SOLD

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